2014 Show results

Faverolles Australia Inc. 2014 Annual Show, Mudgee

Kyle Sturgess


What a hit! Faverolles of distinction shown to so many and making their mark amongst the poultry fraternity. It was so warming to hear so many breeders talking about the Faverolles, and having them presented in such a great position in a top shed showed our great breed in the best light. Mudgee proved to be a great facilty and the committee made us feel very welcome. There were 5 exhibitors showing a very impressive line up of large salmons. Numbers were back from last years feature  show due to two exhibitors having some other commitments.

We are looking forward to next year continuing our relationship with the Mudgee Poultry and Pigeon Club by holding the NSW Feature Show at this same time. It would be nice to see a few new faces as well as some interstate exhibitors next year, Mudgee is a very interesting town with a lot going on.

I would like to thank the Mudgee Poultry and Pigeon Club for hosting a very successful show with special thanks Bill and Elaine Robinson for their tireless efforts and congratulate them on a good day.

Champion cock: Andrew Williams
Champion hen: Andrew Williams
Champion cockerel: Sandra ferguson
Champion Pullet: Andrew Williams
Champion Junior: Ryan Williams  
Champion faverolles: Andrew Williams – Pullet
Champion pair: Redline Stud