2013 Show Results

Faverolles Annual Show Inc. 2013 Annual Show, Wyong


The show went off extremely well, considering getting off to a bad start. On arrival Paul went to get the pen numbers out and realised we had left the brief case with all the show paper work at home but with the help from Irene Hannan and my son Leigh Reed who lives on the Central Coast and the understanding of our members things turned out to be enjoyable. Irene had the Belgian stewards sheets on her laptop she turned them into a generic format emailed them to my son who printed them out and dropped them off. A big thank you to both of them it saved the day.

Another thank you to The Central Coast Poultry Club for the use of their facilities and donating the shaving for our pens. Also to the Belgian Club for providing us with a more than adequate selection of food , goodies and hearty breakfasts over the weekend.

A BIG Congratulation to The Belgian Bantam Club Of Australia, celebrating their 30th anniversary, well done guys. What a great dinner/dance we had at the Wyong RSL enjoyed by all.

The weather was miserable, but the atmosphere in the shed was great there and lots of discussion about our birds with much interest in my old BFS handbook which was lent to a couple of members to take to have a look though overnight.

It was great to finally meet Tas Doornbush our intrepid reporter from W.A. and for his interest and input to both clubs over the weekend.

The show saw 7 entrants with 37 birds and quite a nice line up especially our junior’s Salmon Hen.  Well done Ryan!  I stewarded for our Judge Warwick Saunders, who did a splendid job and gave an informative talk after pointing out the finer points on showing birds.

The Bird of Show was a Blue Salmon Cock: Jeff Reed

Res Bird of Show - Cuckoo: Jeff Reed

Best Bantam of Show - Salmon: Irene Hannan

Res. Bantam of Show - Salmon: Irene Hannan

Best Breeding Pair - Cuckoo: Jeff Reed

Junior Bird of Show - Salmon Hen: Ryan Williams

Res junior Bird of Show - Salmon Cockerel: Ryan Williams


QLD Feature Show, Caboulture Saturday 6th July 2013


Comments from Judge, Eric Berrevoets:

The results are summarized at the bottom but I would like to make the following comments:


Standard size

The best bird in show and overall champion was a black Plt, she displayed a very good size and body shape, had a nice beard and feet.


There were two close reserve runner-ups: a cuckoo male and a blue salmon male. In the end the cuckoo was awarded reserve champion he displayed a nice deep chest and a long broad body, good beard and feet and was larger than the blue salmon.


The salmon hens and pullets could improve in in size and body shape. Size and quality of the beards was also variable but it was great to see that all had five generally well placed toes. One hen stood out in shape and size but unfortunately her comb prevented her from being awarded a prize.


Their color too was variable with some hens showing a lot of peppering on their wings and back.


The salmon males generally lacked in size and shape. Two stood out the first because of his nice size and shape but he unfortunately lacked the red saddle and coloured wing bows, this made him look like a Faverolles Claire rather than the colour that is required by the Australian standard. The winning male was a little smaller but had a much better colouring.


Among the black females there were some very nice quality birds while others lacked size and shape. The black males were of a decent size but carried their tails a little too high making thereby showing a little too much of their Croad Langshan ancestry.


The blue females while slight better in size and shape than the salmons lacked the even blue un-


der colour and lacked the well defined lacing which makes this colour quite special. The blue males were slightly smaller than their black counter parts but their colour was better than that of the females. The winning male in particular showed very nice lacing.  


Any other colour. Cuckoo and Blue salmon. The cuckoo females were better in size and type than the blues but not quite up there with the best of the blacks. The cuckoo males however were better in size and shape than both the black and the blues (despite the lack of tail feathers of one of the male. The winning cuckoo male showed both great size and body type complemented by a nice beard, comb and feet.


The blue salmon females also lacked in size and shape, some showing quite a bit of blue in their tails and primaries. The blue salmon male was of exemplary character and on all accounts equal to the cuckoo male but was a little smaller and with a larger comb. However, he was superior to the salmon males.


Two breeding pair were exhibited in this class the cuckoo pair showed better size and shape than the blue salmon both the male and female required deeper chests.


Bantam size

The bantams were still very much a work in progress and the majority were rather large while the smaller one’s lacked type. The best hen had a nice body type but was relatively large. The runner-up had beautiful colouring but needed to be broader across the back and shoulders. One salmon hen was too dark and had yellow legs and feet as did a blue. The blacks and cuckoo lacked required feathering on their legs. The one bantam rooster showed promise as he had a nice size but his colour was an unusual mix between a red and blue salmon.


Major Awards

Champion Bird of Show, Claire Frankling (Black Plt)

Champion Large Bird of Show, Claire Frankling (Black Plt)

Res Champion Bird of Show, Reed/Williams (Cuckoo Ckl)

Res Champion Large Bird of Show, Reed/Williams (Cuckoo Ckl)


Champion Bantam of Show  Bec Hall. (Salmon Hen)


Res Champion Bantam of Show Trish Montgomery (Blue Salmon Hen)


Show Entries 59.


Large Black -10 Entries.

Hen – Reed/Williams 1st , Claire Frankling 2nd.

Ckl – Claire Frankling 1st , Claire Frankling 2nd.

Plt – Claire Frankling 1st   & Champ., Claire Frankling 2nd ,Reed/Williams 3rd,


Large Blue Laced – 8 Entries  (Not marked as to which got best Laced Blue)

Cock – Reed/Williams 1st.

Hen – nil

Ckl - Claire Frankling 1st.

Ptl – Claire Frankling 1st , Reed/Williams 2nd & 3rd.


Large Salmon – 19 Entries

Cock – Reed/Williams 1st, Trish Montgomery 2nd.

Hen – Bec Hall 1st 2nd & 3rd.

Ckl –  Reed/Williams 1st & Champ., Claire Frankling 2nd , Kelly Johnson 3rd.

Plt – Reed/Williams 1st & 3rd , Trish Montgomery 2nd & 3rd.

 Large A.O.C.  10 entries

Cock – Reed/Williams 1st (Blue Salmon) & 2nd (Cuckoo)

Hen – Reed/Williams 1st (Cuckoo)

Ckl – Reed/Williams 1st   & Champ. (Cuckoo) & 2nd (Blue Salmon)

Plt – Reed/Wiliams 1st (cuckoo) 2nd & 3rd (Blue Salmon)


Large Breeding Pairs

Reed/Williams 1st , (Cuckoo) Bec Hall 2nd  (Blue Salmon)


Bantam Salmon – 3 entries

Hen – Bec Hall 1st, Champ, Trish Montgomery 2nd, Reed/Williams 3rd.

Bantam A.O.C. – 6 Entries

Hen – Trish Montgomery 1st, Champ. (Blue Salmon)

Ckl – Bec Hall 1st, (Blue Salmon) – 5 non awarded.


NSW Faverolles Feature Show, Harden. Sunday 7th July 2013


The show was once again held in conjunction with the Modern Game Club of Australia Annual Show and the Rosecomb Bantam Club of Australia Annual Show.

There was a good number of Faverolles present, with 42 birds being penned. Congratulations to the Williams family who all did very well, and also Wendy Frost (Kokoda Park), who drove all the way from Horsham, it was great to see some quality coloured Faverolles on display.

Judge - Mr Wayne Rigby, Young NSW


Champion Bird of Show – Ryan Williams (Salm Hen)

Reserve Champion Bird of Show – Andrew Williams (Salm Ckl)

Champion Cock – Rhys Evans (Salm)

Champion Cockerel – Andrew Williams (Salm)

Champion Hen – Ryan Williams (Salm)

Champion Pullet – Brad Williams (Salm)

Champion Junior Exhibitor – Ryan Williams (Salm)

Prize for Best Beard & Muffs - Redline Stud



Individual Classes

Salmon Cock (1) - Rhys Evans(Ch Cock)

Salmon Hen (9) - Ryan Williams (Ch Hen), Andrew Williams, Rhys Evans, Ryan Williams

Salmon Cockerel (7) - Andrew Williams (Ch Ckl), Redline Stud, Rhys Evans, Redline Stud

Salmon Pullet (13) - Brad Williams (Ch Pul), Ryan Williams, Andrew Williams, Redline Stud, Redline Stud

Black Pullet (1) - Kokoda Park

Cuckoo Cockerel (1) - Kokoda Park

Cuckoo Pullet (1) - Kokoda Park

Laced Blue Pullet (1) - Kokoda Park

AOC Pullet - Splash (1) - Kokoda Park

Breeding Pair (1) - Redline Stud

Junior Hen (1) - Ryan Williams

Junior Cockerel (2) - Ryan Williams (Ch Jnr), Brad Williams

Junior Pullet (2) - Ryan Williams, Brad Williams


VIC Feature Show, Bendigo

28th July 2013


The Victorian state Faverolles Feature show held in conjunction with the Bendigo Championship poultry show. We had 3 exhibitors showing 19 standard Faverolles. Myself and Wendy Frost had a fantastic day, and it was lovely to see a wide colour palette on display. Wendy's blue pullet won best beard and muffs and was just beautiful. My 3yr old salmon hen won champion Faverolles and went on to take Champion standard soft feather overall. Not bad for her first outing.

Ch Faverolles: Std salmon hen (C. Till)
Res. Faverolles: Std salmon plt (C. Till)
Best beard and muffs: Std blue plt (W. Frost)

I would like to thank the wonderful judge Shane MacNamara for the time given for the wonderful feedback and advice. Thanks also to Roger Marsh and the Bendigo Poultry club for being so patient and helpful for us rookies!


Corina Till


Following is a transcript of dialogue between Corina Till, Wendy Frost & the Judge, Shane MacNamara.


Hi Shane, we would like to thank you for judging today and were wondering if you had any feedback or anything you would like to share with us about the show today we can publish in our club newsletter.



Well first of all Congratulations for having a good number turn up for such a rare breed.

Unfortunately the salmon will take all the awards because they are one of the original colours to go with the breed, but the other birds are coming along, there is a blue female in there thats not too bad; and the darker cuckoo cockerel was a good big fowl. They still need work on them but are good considering how rare a breed they are.



What areas would you suggest they need work in?



Probably type wise, the size is a good, there is a big cuckoo cockerel in there that's a giant of a bird the darker of the two in there, a bit more front on him would be good, he's quite high off the ground, it's just little bits of work like that.

I believe it's a numbers game, the more you can breed the heavier you can cull, the better your fowl will get.


That big salmon female, I was very impressed with her, and the pullet was the same only the male had been treading her and scuffed the back of her a little bit, but in saying that she wasn't as good as the older hen either.

As a first year hen, next year, she will be a nice fowl.


I will add to that and say when I got to judging best heavy soft-feather the salmon hen

was right up there and the Rock pullet that got reserve was close too but had a few black feathers thru her, so when you get your birds up there together to pick the best you have to find something that will separate them and that was the difference.


Salmon and Duck wing are your original Faverolles, all these colors that are coming out now obviously need work on them, so Salmons will take preference because they are already semi established but the blues are not far behind them you know and again the size is a little bit down, and it's a numbers game if you can breed big numbers and cull heavy your naturally going to get better.




That's the aim this year, we were talking about what we thought we might do to try and improve our birds earlier today.

Both of us are just fairly new to the breed, and to showing and both had very young birds here today from late hatching.



Well considering the young age of the fowl then they are going to make great birds of good size next year.

I would say don't show all your birds, if you can keep some to breed from and get chicks out in August, in the cold weather, that is when fowl will grow. Especially big fowl and the longer they have from hatch to the show the better they're going to get. Some people get obsessed with chasing that bit of cardboard, you know the trophy chasers, you have only got to do it for a couple of years until you have got your breeding stock and your exhibition stock.

It takes a while to do it, but like I say it's a numbers game, if you can breed a big number and keep some to breed from next year and some to show then your away, because the best chickens you'll get are the first eight eggs out of any hen as that's when the hen is strong and the embryo are really vigorous, your chickens hatch strong.


If we see two or three of the Faverolles a year in WA we're doing well, so congratulations again for putting up such good numbers it was great to see and keep it up.



Thanks Shane, we really appreciate you feedback and the tips on breeding, it's helpful for us as newbies and we're sure others not so new to exhibiting will find it interesting well.


SA Feature Show, Strathalbyn

Sunday 28th July 2013


The South Australia Faverolles Feature Show was held in conjunction with the Strathalbyn & Districts Poultry Club Annual Show on Sunday 28th July at the showgrounds. We had Darren McCue, Janet Ferguson & JAKTS Poultry showing 37 birds on the day, 8 standard & 29 bantams, with Jim Marsh entering 5 standard birds but being struck down with the dreaded lurgy and too unwell

to attend on the day. Credit also needs to go to Richard & Mary Anne Reed for the breeding of the Buff bantams exhibited by Janet.

We enjoyed the warm hospitality of the host club who turned on a fine sunny day and ample lunch.

The judge Tom Bowden did his job elsewhere in the shed, before getting to the Faverolles entries and declined any assistance as he already had two stewards at hand. So the only feedback came at the end of the day when it was time for the presentations. The judge stood up to say he came along expecting to see an impressive line up of quality Faverolles. However he was very disappointed,  commenting that Faverolles should be “as big as an Australorp”. A bit perplexing as 80% of the exhibits were bantams, with no comment made on them at all. Needless to say it was not encouraging but we took it on the chin. As breeders & exhibitors we resolved to do our best to breed and present better birds next time and not give up on the breed. Next year we intend to be back at Gawler on the northern side of Adelaide and

look forward to seeing all new or old members who can make it along on the day.


Champion Bird of Show - Darren McCue (Btm BluSlmn Pullet)

Reserve Champion Bird of Show - Darren McCue (Btm BluSlmn Hen)

Best Male Exhibit - Janet Ferguson (Lg Slmn Ck)

Best Female Exhibit - Darren McCue (Btm BluSlmn Pul)

Champion Large - Janet Ferguson (Slmn Ck)

Reserve Champion Large - Janet Ferguson (BluSlmn Ckl)

Champion Bantam – Darren McCue (BluSlmn Pul)

Reserve Champion Bantam - Darren McCue (BluSlmn Hen)

Champion AOC (excluding blue salmon) - Janet Ferguson (Btm Buff Ckl)

Reserve Champion AOC (exc blue salmon) - Darren McCue (Btm Buff Pul)



Salmon Cock (2)  1st  &  2nd  Janet Ferguson

Salmon Cockerel  (1)  1st JAKTS Poultry

Salmon Pullet  (3)  1st JAKTS Poultry,  2nd Janet Ferguson, 3rd JAKTS Poultry

Blue Salmon Cockerel (1)  1st Janet Ferguson

Buff Hen (1)  1st Darren McCue



Salmon Hen (2)  1st Darren McCue, 2nd Janet Ferguson

Salmon Cockerel (2)  1st Janet Ferguson

Salmon Pullet  (4)  1st & 2nd Darren McCue,  3rd Janet Ferguson

Blue Salmon Hen  (3)  1st Darren McCue, 2nd Janet Ferguson, 3rd Darren McCue

Blue Salmon Cockerel  (3)  1st & 2nd Janet Ferguson, 3rd Darren McCue

Blue Salmon Pullet  (6)  1st, 2nd & 3rd Darren McCue, 4th Janet Ferguson

Buff Hen  (1)  1st Janet Ferguson

Buff Cockerel  (3)  1st & 2nd Janet Ferguson, 3rd Darren McCue

Buff Pullet  (5)  1st, 2nd & 3rd Darren McCue, 4th Janet Ferguson