2012 Show Results

Faverolles National Show, Wyong, 23rd June 2012.

A good weekend was had by all who attended the National Faverolles Show at Wyong. There were a total of 66 birds entered, including 14 bantams and 3 Junior exhibits. It had been put in the AGM Agenda to discuss the viability of holding a Show at Wyong, due to lack of interest in past years. This turned out not to be the case this year as we welcomed 4 new exhibitors. We had organised to have a senior & associate judge this year, but unfortunately Dallas Smith had to resign due to health reasons, leaving Bradley O'Leary to complete the job by himself. He proved to be a more than capable candidate, so much so that the exhibitors have nominated him to judge the Faverolles at the 2013 Sydney Royal. Let's hope he is accepted!

A dinner was held in conjunction with the Belgain Club of Australia the evening following the show and proved once again to be as successful as the show itself, providing a relaxed atmosphere for exhibitors to discuss the day's results.



Salmon - Cock (2) Redline stud 1st & 2nd; Hen (8) Redline Stud 1st, 2nd & 4th, Jeff Reed 3rd; Cockerel (6) Redline Stud 1st (Ch) & 3rd, Keith Martin 2nd & 4th; Pullet (12) Keith Martin 1st & 2nd, Redline Stud 3rd & 4th.

Black - Hen (1) Jeff Reed 1st; Cockerel (1) Jeff Reed 1st; Pullet (1) Jeff Reed 1st (Ch)

Cuckoo - Hen (1) Jeff Reed 1st(Ch); Cockerel (1) Jeff Reed 1st; Pullet (1) Jeff Reed 1st

Laced Blue - Cockerel (1) Jeff Reed 1st(Ch); Pullet (1) Jeff Reed 1st

AOC (Blue Salmon) - Cockerel (1) Jeff Reed 1st(Ch)

Breeding Pair (6) Jeff Reed 1st (Salmon), Redline Stud 2nd (Salmon), Jeff Reed 3rd (Cuckoo)



Salmon - Cock (1) Keith Stewart 1st; Hen (3) Keith Stewart 1st & 3rd, Irene Hannan 2nd; Cockerel (4) Keith Stewart 1st, 2nd & 3rd; Pullet (6) Keith Stewart 1st(Ch) & 2nd, Irene Hannan 3rd



Large Faverolles (all exhibits were Salmon) - Hen (1) Ryan Williams; Pullet (2) Ryan Williams 1st & 2nd


Champion Bird of Show& Champion Large - Redline Stud (Salmon Cockerel)

Reserve Bird of Show& Reserve Champion Large - Redline Stud (Salmon Hen)

Champion Bantam - Keith Stewart (Salmon Pullet)

Reserve Champion Bantam - Keith Stewart (Salmon Hen)

Champion Breeding Pair - Jeff Reed (Large Salmon)

Champion Junior Exhibitor - Ryan Williams (Salmon Hen)

Best Beard & Muffs - Jeff Reed (Black Hen)

Most Successful Exhibitor - Jeff Reed

    Judge Bradley O'Leary with Champion              Champion Bantam, owned            

         Bird of Show, exhibited by Redline Stud           by Keith Stewart

Champion Pair, exhibited by Jeff Reed

Judges Comments—Bradley O’Leary

My many thanks to the Faverolles club for having me judge your Annual Show and my steward for his efforts throughout the day. It was an enjoyable experience with the standard of Faverolles at a high across the board. Show training your birds will enable them to display their full potential, there were a few birds throughout the day that would benefit from this as they were quality birds in the hand but would either not show or stand in the show pen. Cleanliness of the feet was another issue which held some birds back when it came down to the final result. But apart from these all breeders are to be commended and congratulated on the standard of birds shown.
Breeding Pairs- The overall champion breeding pair was an excellent pair who would have done well on their own in the open classes, but even as a breeding pair brought together that balance that should give the owner an impressive selection from the progeny.
Large Fowl
Salmon: The salmon class was by far the challenge of the day with many quality birds being throughout this section. The winning cockerel was a very impressive fowl that just stood out in his class and in the end went on to win bird of show. The winning pullet was also another impressive bird and could have gone further than her class if in prime condition. Reserve bird of show though went to the winning hen that had beautiful type, but was just lacking a bit in colour.
Laced Blue: the Blues were not up to the standard as the salmons and as with the blacks in the standards, colouring must be in all respects to that of the Langshan.
Black: The wining black pullet was a very nice pullet with nice type but was just lacking that length in the back that I was looking for. The hen went on taking out Best Beard & Muffs in show
Cuckoo: Cuckoos not up to the standard as the salmon but are well on their way to getting there.
AOC: The Blue Salmon Male that was awarded best AOC was an excellent male that was well up there with the winners but unfortunately leg condition prevented him from going any further than his section.

Bantams - Really good number of bantams were presented in the show, with majority being females. The quality of bantams has come a long way and breeders are to be commended.
Salmon: Champion Bantam went to the Salmon Pullet who had very good type and really stood out in her section. Reserve bantam went to the salmon hen that once again had very nice type but just lacked that condition the pullet had when it came for major awards. The Bantam males are far behind the standard of the females with size and colouring being the two main issues, but with correct breeding and selection they will be well on their way to achieve that of which the standard states.
Juniors: Good to see junior entries in the show with a salmon pullet taking out champion junior who would have easily held her own against those in the opens class.



NSW Feature Show - Harden NSW, Sunday 1st July

The very first NSW Feature show was a roaring success, with a massive 75 Faverolles put on display by 5 exhibitors. We were also very pleased to welcome two new Junior exhibitors. All the birds exhibited were Salmons, and whilst it was a shame that no colours were to be seen, the sight of 75 Salmon Faverolles filling the entire first row of the shed was a sight to behold.

We were very fortunate to have Barry Weatherstone, of Birriwa NSW, as our very capable Judge. Although there were not many classes, it still proved to be a big day by the time he got around all the birds. Exhibitors enjoyed a dinner the night before, with the Rosecomb and Modern Game Clubs. This proved a great social evening and a good time was had by all. Barry was very impressed by the size and condition of the birds, and was very complementary of the dual purpose traits of the Champion Hen and Bird of Show.

The venue for the 2013 show is yet to be confirmed, with Mudgee having invited us to use their new shed, but at this stage we are leaning towards Harden once more on the back of a promise of plans to refurbish the current shed. Any comments about either venue would be appreciated, as we would like to encourage as many exhibitors as possible.



Large Salmon

Cock (6) Sandra Ferguson 1st & 3rd, Redline Stud 2nd

Hen (20) Redline Stud 1st & 4th, Ryan Williams 2nd, Sandra Ferguson 3rd

Cockerel (13) Redline Stud 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Pullet (25) Ryan Williams 1st, Andrew Williams 2nd, Sandra Ferguson 3rd, Redline Stud 4th

Breeding Pair (3) Redline Stud 1st, 2nd & 3rd


Hen (2) Ryan Williams 1st, Brad Williams 2nd

Pullet (4) Brad Williams 1st & 3rd, Ryan Williams 2nd & 4th


Champion Bird of Show - Redline Stud (Salmon Hen)

Reserve Champion Bird of Show - Ryan Williams (Salmon Pullet)

Champion Cock - Sandra Ferguson

Champion Cockerel - Redline Stud

Champion Hen - Redline Stud

Champion Pullet - Ryan Williams

Champion Junior Exhibitor - Brad Williams

Breeding Pair - Redline Stud

Best Beard & Muff - Redline Stud


            Bird of Show, Redline Stud                       Champion Cock, Sandra Ferguson

        Champion Junior, Brad Williams                    Champion Pullet, Ryan Williams



The Dempsey Baily Combined Feature Spectacular, Caboolture Saturday 7th July 2012

The Faverolles Feature for Queensland is held the weekend after our Annual show at Wyong NSW and this year the weather was kind to us with a lovely sunny day and rain clouds building toward the end of the day.

This year saw four exhibitors Bob & Trish Montgomery, new member Rebecca Hall with some very nice Salmon birds however were lacking in size and Paul Williams is now working on Bantam Black and Cuckoo this was the first time he has shown Favs and me.

The overall combined shows saw an entry of 756 birds which was a record. Well done to the to The Langshan Club of Qld, Modern Game Club of Qlds Wyandotte Club 0f Australia Qld. Branch another well run show.

Faverolles had 27 birds.

Judge- George Peitzner Far North Qld.

George is a very competent judge understanding the Faverolles standard he did a great job and after judging he addressed members on their birds and how pleased he was to see such a nice line up and he was impressed on how well they conform to the standard.



Bird Of Show  (Large Blue Salmon) Jeff Reed

Reserve Bird of Show  (Large Salmon) Jeff Reed

Champion Bantam Of Show (Salmon )  B&T Montgomery

Reserve Bantam Of Show (Cuckoo) Paul Williams

Best Bead And Muff ( Large Black) Jeff Reed


Black- Hen 1st (& Champ) Jeff Reed, Cockerel 1st Jeff Reed, Pullet 1st Jeff Reed

Laced Blue- Cockerel 1st Champ. Jeff Reed,

Salmon- Cock 1st Jeff Reed, 2nd Rebecca Hall, Hen 1st B&T Montgomery, 2nd Jeff Reed, 3rd Rebecca Hall, Cockerel 1st Rebecca Hall, Pullet 1st Jeff Reed, 2nd & 3rd Rebecca Hall.

A.O.C. - Hen (Cuckoo) Jeff Reed, Cockerel 1st  & Champ. (Blue Salmon)2nd  (Cuckoo) Jeff Reed, Pullet 1st (Cuckoo)Jeff Reed.

Large Breeding Pair- 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Jeff Reed


Salmon- Hen 1st & Champ.  B&T Montgomery,

A.O.C.-   Hen 1st (Cuckoo) Paul Williams, 2nd (Black) Paul Williams.


                    Bird of Show - Jeff Reed                Reserve Bird of Show - Jeff Reed



                    Champion Bantam -                         Champion Black and Best

                    B & T Montgomery                              Beard & Muff—Jeff Reed




South Australian Faverolles Feature Show - Gawler, Sunday 22nd July


This year the S.A. feature show was held in conjunction with the Gawler and Districts Poultry club who were celebrating their 30th anniversary show.  Numbers were slightly down this year with a total of 39 birds being presented on the day.  The show had a total of 524 birds entered and Faverolles breeders fielded numerous questions from interested visitors and other enthusiasts as this number of Faverolles at one show is only seen once a year in South Australia.  The 2013 show is already in the planning and will be held in conjunction with the Strathalbyn and Districts Poultry club.  The alternating of venues (Gawler – 40 km north of Adelaide and Strathalbyn – 60km south of Adelaide each year) is working well with Faverolles breeders and is assisting in promoting the breed with numerous poultry enthusiast in South Australia.

This year at the S.A. Show we decided to acknowledge the efforts put in by the breeders who have colours which are not Salmon.  The majority of Champion Birds are won by the Salmon colour and at the 2011 show we had Black, Blue, Buff and Blue Salmon colours.  The efforts of these breeders should be acknowledged and not overlooked by the Salmon colour – unfortunately this year we only had buff and blue salmon as the additional colours.  We had a few surprises with not only a Large Blue Salmon pullet winning Champion Large Faverolles – we also had a Salmon bantam win Champion Bird of show.




Salmon Cock (2) 1st. Janet Ferguson  2nd. Yvette Girling

Salmon Hen (1) 1st. Janet Ferguson

Salmon Cockerel (6) 1st & 2nd. Janet Ferguson, 3rd. Len Rich

Salmon Pullet (11) 1st. J. Marsh, 2nd & 3rd Yvette Girling

Buff Cock (1) 1st. Darren McCue

Buff Hen (1) 1st. Darren McCue

Blue Salmon Cock (1) 1st. Janet Ferguson

Blue Salmon Hen (1) 1st. Janet Ferguson

Blue Salmon Pullet (2) 1st. Yvette Girling, 2nd Janet Ferguson


Salmon Cock (2) 1st & 2nd  Janet Ferguson

Salmon Hen (3) 1st Darren McCue, 2nd & 3rd Janet Ferguson

Buff Hen (1) 1st. Darren McCue

Blue Salmon Ckl (4) 1st Darren McCue 2nd Janet Ferguson 3rd Darren McCue

Blue Salmon Pullet (3) 1st Janet Ferguson 2nd Darren McCue, 3rd Janet Ferguson


Champion Bird of Show –  Darren McCue (Bantam Salmon Hen)

Reserve Bird of Show - Janet Ferguson (Bantam Blue Salmon Pullet)

Champion  Large - Yvette Girling (Blue Salmon Pullet)

Reserve Champion Large – J Marsh (Salmon Pullet)

Champion Bantam –  Darren McCue (Salmon Hen)

Reserve Champion Bantam - Janet Ferguson (Blue Salmon Pullet)

Champion Faverolles – Not Salmon – Janet Ferguson (Bantam Blue Salmon pullet)

Reserve Champion Faverolles - Not Salmon – Yvette Girling (Blue Salmon pullet)


At this time I would like to acknowledge the efforts put in by Janet Ferguson who is the driving force behind Faverolles South Australia.

Darren McCue, S.A. Faverolles Show secretary.


          Champion Bird of Show &                          Champion Large Fowl and

          Champion Bantam Salmon                        Reserve Champion Faverolles,

          Hen - Darren McCue                                 not Salmon.Yvette Girling


Reserve Champion Bantam, Reserve

Bird of Show, and Champion Faverolles,

not Salmon - Janet Ferguson