Australian Standard

ORIGIN - France

CLASSIFICATION - Heavy Breed Softfeather


This dual-purpose heavy breed was created in the village of Faverolles in northern France. Its make-up includes blood from Houdans, Cochins, Dorkings, Light Brahmas & Malines. Small numbers are kept in Australia with the Salmon variety the most popular.



Carriage - Active & alert

Type - BODY: deep, thick & 'cloddy'. BACK: fairly long, flat & 'square', i.e. very broad across the shoulders & saddle. BREAST: broad, keel bone very deep & well formed in front, but not too rounded. WINGS: small, prominent in front, carried closely. TAIL: moderately long, with broad feathers, held approximately 45 degrees.

Head - Broad flat & short, free from crest. COMB: single, medium size, upright, with four to six serrations, smooth & free from coarseness or side sprigs. EYES: prominent. BEAK: short, stout. FACE: muffled. muffling full, wide, short & solid. EARLOBES & WATTLES: small, of fine texture & partly concealed by the muffling.

Neck -  Short & thick, especially near the body.

Legs & Feet - LEGS: short & stout. THIGHS: wide apart. SHANKS: straight & of medium length with good width between them & sparsely feathered to the outer toe. TOES: five, the front three long, straight & well spread. The outer toe sparsely feathers. The fourth (or back) toe touching the ground, well back & quite divided from the fifth toe which is turned up the leg.



The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences, with the following exceptions: comb much smaller in proportion, back longer in proportion, neck straighter, keel bone longer & deeper, tail carried at an angle of approximately 40 degrees.



In Both Sexes, for SALMON, BUFF, CUCKOO, ERMINE & WHITE varieties: Beak - horn or white. Eyes - orange to yellow, grey or hazel. Comb, face, wattles & earlobes - red. Shanks & feet - white


Salmon -

MALE PLUMAGE: beard & muff - black. hackles - straw. Back, shoulders & wing bows - bright cherry mahogany. Breast, thighs, underfluff, tail & shank feathering - black. Wing bar - black. Primaries - black. Secondaries - white outer edge, black inner edge & tips.

FEMALE PLUMAGE:: beard & muff - creamy white. Breast, thighs & fluff - cream. Remainder wheaten brown. Head & neck striped with dark shard of the same colour (free from black) & wings softer & lighter than back. Primaries, secondaries  & tail - wheaten brown.


Birchen -

Eyes - Dark. Comb, face & wattles - red. Shanks & feet - dark.

MALE PLUMAGE: neck hackle & saddle hackles, back, wing bows & shoulder coverts - lustrous black laced with silver-white. Breast - lustrous greenish-black, each feather down to the junction of the thighs completely laced with a narrow margin of white. Remainder of the plumage - including flight feathers, lustrous greenish-black.

FEMALE PLUMAGE: head - white. Neck hackle & breast - as for the male. Remainder - lustrous greenish-black.


Black -

MALE & FEMALE PLUMAGE:  dense black with a brilliant beetle green gloss, free from purple tinge or barring. Beak - light to dark horn, full white not acceptable. Eyes - dark brown or hazel - not black. Face, wattles & earlobes - brilliant red. Shanks & feet - blue-black, darker in young males & females, showing pink between the scales; the web & bottom of feet pink-white. Toenails - white


Laced Blues -

MALE & FEMALE PLUMAGE - ground colour an even shade of blue throughout with dark even lacing. Hackle, back, saddle & tail of male & hackle of female a darker colour. Undercolour - blue, some white in foot feathers not a defect. All other points of colour as for the black variety, except the shanks & feet - slate. Toenails - white


Buff -

MALE & FEMALE PLUMAGE - rich lemon buff throughout.


Cuckoo -

MALE & FEMALE PLUMAGE - indistinctly barred with alternate bars of dark slate & light grey. These markings to be nearly equal in width & extending throughout the length of the feather & into all sections of the plumage, including the undercolour.


Ermine -  MALE & FEMALE PLUMAGE - head white. Hackles - white, striped with black, the centre of each feather to be entirely surrounded by a white margin. Wings - white with black in flights. Tail & coverts - black. Remainder - pure white throughout.


White -  MALE & FEMALE PLUMAGE - white throughout.



                               Large                                              Bantam

Cock                      3.60-4.55 kg (8-10 lb)                      1.14-1.36 kg (2.5-3 lb)

Hen                       2.95-3.85 kg (6.5-8.5 lb)                   0.91-1.135 kg (2-2.5 lb)

Cockerel                 2.95-4.1 kg (6.5-9 lb)

Pullet                     2.7-3.6 kg (6-8 lb)



Utility qualities, size & condition              25

Type                                                    25

Colour                                                  20

Beard & muffling                                   15

Formation of feet & toes                          5

Foot Feather                                          5

Comb                                                    5

TOTAL                                               100



Eye colour other than that specific for the variety.

Comb faults of a serious nature (eg lopped, coarseness).

Skin & shanks other than white (except birchen, black & blue).

Plumage colour foreign to that specified for the variety.

Hollow breasts.

Bow legged or in-kneed.

Squirrel tail.

Complete absence of muffling.

Shanks & outer toes devoid of muffling.

Other than five toes on each foot.

See also list of General Disqualification (pages11-13 of the Australian Standards book).